Presentations 2020

Michèle Fichaut - The SeaDataNet pan-European marine data management infrastructure - SeaTechWeek - Open session data - 14 October 2020 (presentation)

Michèle Fichaut - Further developing the SeaDataNet pan-Euroepan infrastucture for marine and ocean data management - SeaDataCloud user webinar - 17 September 2020 (presentation)

Mark Hebden - Data infrastructures: European and Global - EU-Interreg COMPASS project  workshop - 18-19 February 2020 in Liverpool, United Kingdom (presentation)

Michèle Fichaut - SeaDataCloud project pitch - UN decade of Ocean Science Regional Workshop, The Medditerranean Sea We Need For The Future Want - 21-13 January 2020 in Venice, Italy (presentation)

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In the frame of the SeaDataCloud project, a week of web meeting will be held from October 27th to October 30th 2020