Below are listed, sorted by year, all presentations given about SeaDataNet infrastructure, SeaDataNet tools, or SeaDataNet, SeaDataNet2 or SeaDataCloud projects.

Dick Schaap, 2022 - European marine and ocean data management and how to handle data from scientific cruises in Eurofleets+, Eurofleetsmarine Research Infrastructures management workshop, Tallinn, Estonia, 29 Nov - 1st Dec 2022.

Michele Fichaut, 2022 -  History of the building and upgrade of an European oceanographic data infrastructure. Innovation platform. "Sustainable Sea and ocean Solutions", 23 February 2022. Online

Michèle Fichaut, 2021 - Presentation of SeaDataNet services at the kick-off meeting of the European BRIDGE meeting, 12-13 July 2021, on-line.

Dick Schaap and Michele Fichaut, 2021 -  The SeaDataCloud project achievements and its wider impact on European marine data management standards, practices and infrastructures. IMDIS2021, introduction to the conference.

Merret Buurman, Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sebastian Mieruch, Leo Bruvry-Lagadec, Naranyanan Krishnan, Themis Zamani, Giorgio Santinelli, Fedor Baart, Peter Thijsse and Filip Waumans, 2021 - SeaDataCloud Virtual Research Environment: Implementation and Technical Aspects. IMDIS 2021 - Book of abstracts- Bolletino di Geofisica- vol.62, p114-116.

Michèle Fichaut - The SeaDataNet pan-European marine data management infrastructure - SeaTechWeek - Open session data - 14 October 2020 (presentation)

Michèle Fichaut - Further developing the SeaDataNet pan-Euroepan infrastucture for marine and ocean data management - SeaDataCloud user webinar - 17 September 2020 (presentation)

Andrea Bordone and Giancarlo Raiteri - SeaDataNet, an enhanced ocean data infrastructure giving services to scientists and society - "Mario Zucchelli" Italian Antarctic Base, November 2019 (presentation)

Michèle Fichaut and SeaDataNet Consortium - SeaDataNet, Further developing the SeaDataNet pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management - IQUOD Workshop - 31th October 2019 in Brest, France (presentation)

S. Simoncelli and WP11 Team - SeaDataCloud products and link with IQuod - IQuod Workshop - 29-31th October 2019 in Brest, France (presentation)

Antonio Novellino, Francisco Campuzano - EMODnet Physics and River runoff data management - MARTECH 2018 - 10 December 2018 in Barcelona, Spain (presentation)

Simona Simoncelli, Christine Coatanoan, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Örjan Bäck, Helge Sagen, Serge Scory, Reiner Schlitzer, Michèle Fichaut and Dick Schaap - SeaDataCloud temperature and salinity data collections - IMDIS conference 2018 - 5-7 November 2018 in Barcelona, Spain (abstract) (presentation) (video)

Simon Jirka and Christian Autermann - Facilitating the Publication of Real-Time Marine Observation Data: The SeaDataCloud SWE Ingestion Service - IMDIS conference 2018 - 5-7 November 2018 in Barcelona, Spain (abstract) (presentation) (video)

Scory Serge, Schaap Dick M.A. and Fichaut Michèle - SeaDataNet, a network of distributed oceanographic data centres now going to the cloud - International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines, 5-7 December 2017 in Tachikawa, Tokyo (presentation)

Schaap Dick M.A., Ariyo Chris - SeaDataCloud - further developing the pan-European SeaDataNet infrastructure for marine and ocean data management - Digital Infrastructures for Research 2017 "Connecting the building Blocks for Open Science", 1st December 2017 in Brussels, Belgium (presentation)

Simoncelli Simona, Coatanoan C., Myroshnychenko V., Pinardi N., Bäck Ö., Sagen H., Scory S., Barth A., Schaap D., Schlitzer R. and fichaut M. - From SeaDataNet to SeaDataCloud: historical data collections, climatologies and new data products - MONGOOS Workshop, 15th November 2017 in Athens, Greece (presentation)

Fichaut Michele, Schaap Dick and SeadataCloud consortium (2016). From SeaDataNet II to SeadataCloud. IMDIS 2016, International conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, Gdansk, Pologne, 11-13 Octobre 2016. (abstract) (presentation)

Coatanoan Christine, Simoncelli Simona, Schlitzer Reiner, Fichaut Michele, Schaap Dick, Iona Sissy (2016). SeaDataNet II data products: the North Atlantic Ocean Region. IMDIS 2016 - International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems. October 11-13, Gdansk, Poland. (abstract) (presentation)

Gianpaolo Coro et al.- Brinding environmental data providers ans SeaDataNet DIVA service within a collaborative and distributed e-infrastructure. IMDIS 2016 - International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems. October 11-13, Gdansk, Poland. (abstract) (presentation)

At AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, United States, 15-19 December 2014: T.F. de Bruin, D. Schaap - Connecting Hundreds of Oceanographic Data Sources from Countries in and around Europe into a Big Data Network.

At the 9th North African Conference on Marine Sciences, SeaDataNet: Tunisian Marine Data Management, December 2014

Article in the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) bulletin, December 2014

At IMDIS 2013, International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems, Lucca, Italy, September 2013

At EGU 2013, session ESSI1.2 Informatics in Oceanography and Ocean Science, Vienna, Austria, April 2013

At EGU 2013, session ESSI2.5 Service Architecture challenges for multi-disciplinary systems and Future Internet', Vienna, Austria, April 2013

At Geo-Seas workshop, Cork, Ireland, October 2012

At "Data management in research" meeting, Sopot, Poland, August 2012

At Bilat-UKR final conference, Kiev, Ukraine, January 2012