New release of NEMO

Download version 1.6.7 and new version of user manual

V1.6.7 changes :

  • Adds-on:
    • 1.6.7:  Possibility to use a BSH CSR reference in the Cruise tab
    • 1.6.7: Improve flags scales window in Nemo settings
    • 1.6.7: New coordinates format in station folder: "decimal degrees for file
  • Bugs corrections:
    • 1.6.7: Java >=9 compatibility
    • 1.6.7: NEMO did not start when version service was unreachable
    • 1.6.7: In Data tab, bad input flags values for CSV files
    • 1.6.7: Incorrect whitespaces in ODV output files
    • 1.6.7: Data columns width improvement in data tab
    • 1.6.7: Allow user to go back to manual input for date and time once automatic input has been chosen
    • 1.6.7: Missing ships in Cruise tab list (in case of ships having the same name)

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