A new tool for submitting CSR entries

In the frame of the CSR (Cruise Summary Report) transfer from BSH to IFREMER, a new on-line tool has been developped by IFREMER and is now available to manage CSR entries in the new CSR catalogue:

CSR Back-office

This tool allows to create and update CSR entries by submitting CSR XML files at SeaDataNet CSR format (created using MIKADO software) or by completing online forms (in replacement of the BSH online CMS).

This tool makes use of the Marine-id services. You can choose to use your individual marine-id account or to create/use a generic marine-id account (associated with a generic email address), it could be useful if in your organization, several people manage the same CSR entries (in the new CSR back-office, each CSR entry is associated with only one owner).

Once validated by the administrator (IFREMER), the CSR entries submitted through the CSR back-office will be available on the CSR catalogue:

CSR search interface

Note: Chief scientists are advised to contact their NODC (see SeaDataNet partners webpage) to check whether they have to report directly to the SeaDataNet CSR online back-office or to their NODC, that will then transfer their CSR entries to SeaDataNet.

Comments, questions and feedback are welcome at sdn-userdesk@seadatanet.org