Replication Manager


One of SeaDataCloud's main objectives and challenges is to provide stable and efficient access to data resources managed by distributed data centres. This is achieved by the connection to the EUDAT Cloud which is now the third part of the SeaDataNet infrastructure.

The Replication Manager (RM) was developed as a Java tool to replace the Download Manager (DM). It can be used on both Windows and Unix platforms. The Replication Manager is maintained by SeaDataNet partner IFREMER together with EUDAT partners (DKRZ, GRNET, CINECA, CSC, STFC), responsible for the Cloud, and partner MARIS, who is responsible for developping the Request Status Manager service and ensuring that the 3 components work well together.

The last version of the Replication Manager is 1.0.48

Replication Manager - Installation manual

The installation manual describes all steps necessary to install and connect to the central system.

Replication Manager - User manual

The user manual describes how to prepare your data for download by the Replication Manager, it also gives information about how to check the conformity of the coupling table and the consistency between the coupling table and the CDI metadata catalogue.

Please contact the CDI system coordinator MARIS for support on installation and configuration and to initialize the connection to the central system.

WARNING: External users do not need to install it to download data. This software is only used by data centres or data focal points connected to the SeaDataNet infrastructure.

Version 1.0.49 (14/06/2021)


  • Access restrictions L08: added CB unrestricted data
  • Allow the new "BODV" and "MODV" file formats to be validated and converted.

Version 1.0.48 (17/02/2021)


  • Octopus 1.6.0.
  • Enhance logging/exception catching.

Version 1.0.47 (18/08/2020)


  • The batches found in status PREPARATION_PENDING at startup are set to CANCELLED.

Version 1.0.46 (08/07/2020)


  • Wrong value for empty BOTTOM_DEPTH if NULL in Modus 2.

Version 1.0.45 (16/04/2020)


  • Management of  CDIs files with updated URLs to NERC vocabularies (fix bug in reading L08 codes) (51255)
  • Embeds Octopus 1.5.3, able to read files with old and new URLs, writing with new URLs (URLs used in SDN references in data files to CDIs, CSRs, NERC vocabularies) (51276)
  • Fixes workflow to avoid rejection of a LOCAL_CDI_ID if it is already in the workflow (50658)
  • Updates Maris IP in the server filter
  • Changes the line "generated by" in the generated data files (51693)
  • Adds a monitoring URL (/monitoring) (51801)


Octopus 1.6.0

Replication Manager 1.0.49

Version 1.0.49 Platform Windows/Linux