Training material

All training material is available on Ocean Teacher.

To access OceanTeacher, you first need to register to OceanExpert and OceanTeacher and then to enroll to the course on OceanTeacher.

There will be no time slot dedicated to software's installation during the workshop so please install the following training material BEFORE coming to the workshop.

This year, most demonstrations and exercises during the training session will be done online and for that purpose you'll need:

  • To register on Ocean Expert
  • To register on Ocean Teacher and enrol to the course to access training course material (please follow the instructions for registering).
    This procedure needs manual approval and should be completed BEFORE the training starts.
  • Up-to-date versions of the Chrome and Firefox browsers.
    Better to have both, just to be on the safe side. (Internet Explorer is not supported!)
  • WebODV course material copied to your computer
  • Text editor (such as Notepad ++TextPad) to edit text data files

In case of problems with online services, you must also have the following softwares installed on your computers:

In addition, all trainees should bring some of their files to work with, at SeaDataNet format and possibly at SDN ODV variant formats for biology, flow cytometry and Microlitter.