Second training course

The 2nd SeaDataCloud training workshop took place at the Thermae Palace, Oostende, Belgium, for all data-centres connected to the SeaDataNet infrastructure.

Two similar sessions of 3 full days were scheduled on:

  • 19-20-21 June 2019
  • 24-25-26 June 2019

The training was dedicated to the use of ODV (Ocean Data View) and DIVA software packages in the Virtual Research Environment, with additional focus on working with the upgraded CDI data discovery and access service.


The two sessions of the 2nd SeaDataCloud training workshop gathered a total of 105 participants, from consortium members (66 on site, 12 remotely) and non-partners (26 on site, 1 remotely). 48 people participated in the 1st session of the workshop, among them 7 trainers and 41 trainees. The 2nd session had a total of 44 participants, among them 6 trainers and 38 trainees.

OceanExpert, a global directory of marine professionals and the main address database of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, was used to track participation in the workshop.

Who should attend ?

The SeaDataCloud 2019 training sessions cover all the new developments recently implemented to improve the efficiency of the SeaDataNet infrastructure and the services it offers.

Some topics are relevant for technicians who deal with data availability across the SeaDataNet network. Others will be more relevant to data managers and data analysts, for example, to better control the quality of data provided to customers or to improve the process of creating data products.

However, the topics covered during the training sessions may be of interest to everyone, if only to keep abreast of new advances of SeaDataNet and to strenghten their understanding and skills in using SeaDataNet standards, tools and services.

All presentations made during the 2nd SeaDataCloud training workshop in Ostende.

All information needed to register for the SeaDataCloud 2nd training workshop.

General information about the venue of the second SeaDataCloud training workshop, transport lines and accomodation bookings

All details on how to participate remotely to the SeaDataCloud 2nd training workshop sessions that will take place at Ostende in Belgium from 19-21 June 2019 and 24-26 June 2019.