Advisory board

The Steering Group will be assisted by an Advisory Board of 6 members, consisting of relevant experts in the domain of international data management infrastructures.  Its role is to advice and feedback on ongoing project developments and external opportunities. It will ensure that the developments of SeaDataCloud keep in touch with on-going international developments and take into account user requirements.

The 6 members of the advisory board are:

  • Margarita Gregg, Deputy Director of NOAA - National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), USA
  • Mathieu Ouellet, Fisheries and Oceans, ISDM, Canada
  • Phil Weaver, Managing Director Seascape Consultants Ltd, UK
  • Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director JPI Oceans secretariat, Belgium
  • Erik Buch, Chair of EuroGOOS, director general of Buch Ocean, Belgium
  • Peter Pulsifer, Chair of the international Arctic Data Committee (NSIDC), USA

The advisory board will meet once per year as part of the Project Coordination Group meetings, in total 5 times over the project duration.