Download Manager

WARNING: The Download Manager (DM) is no longer supported, as it has been replaced by the Replication Manager (RM). For a stable and efficient connection, we recommend installing the RM. Indeed, in the long term, the DM will be removed.

A major objective and challenge in SeaDataNet is to provide an integrated and harmonised overview and access to data resources, managed by distributed data centres. This is achieved by the Common Data Index (CDI) V2 system which connects the SeaDataNet portal and the data management systems of the SeaDataNet distributed data centres.

The actual communication from the SeaDataNet portal is done via the Request Status Manager (RSM) service.

To connect the RSM service at the portal with the distributed data centres there are 2 modalities possible:

  • Data centres can connect as a full V2 data centre: this means that the processing of data set requests is done in an automatic way, for as far as possible. This requires that a data centre installs locally a java component ‘ Download Manager (DM), that handles all communication between the data centre system and the RSM service and that takes care that requested files are made ready for downloading by users (if OK) via their personal download pages at the data centre.
  • Alternative is not to install the Download Manager, but to process all data set requests as registered in the RSM service by data centre staff. This is the V2 interim solution. It is intended as interim, because it is strived that all SeaDataNet data centres become full V2 data centres.

The Download Manager (DM) has been developed as a Java tool and it is fit for use on Windows and Unix platforms. The Download Manager has been initiated by SeaDataNet partner RIHMI-WDC and is now maintained by SeaDataNet partner IFREMER together with partner MARIS, that is responsible for the development of the Request Status Manager service and makes sure that the 2 components are working well together.

The latest release of the Download Manager software is version V1.4.7.

The installation manual describes all steps needed for installation and  connection to the central RSM system.

To make easier its installation and configuration, the Download Manager is also provided as a Virtual Appliance that can be delivered and deployed including operationg and other supporting sotware that otherwise have to be installed and configured one by one.

The user manual describes how to prepare your data that will be downloaded by the Download Manager, it also gives information about how to check the conformity of the coupling table and the consistency between the coupling table and the CDI metadata catalogue. Troubleshooting is also detailed.

Please contact the CDI V2 system coordinator MARIS for support on installation and configuration and to initialize the connection to the RSM portal.
Also in case of V2 Interim, a number of configuration parameters have to be agreed and set at the system of the data centre and at the SeaDataNet portal. Therefore new interim data centres are also asked to contact MARIS.

WARNING: External users do not need to install it to download data. This software is used only by data centres or data focal points connected to the SeaDataNet infrastructure.

Virtual Appliance (.ova) with DM 1.4.7

Version 1.4.7 Platform VMWare

Download Manager 1.4.7

Version 1.4.7

Virtual Appliance (.ova) with DM 1.4.7

Version 1.4.7 Platform VirtualBox